Vitamin D Deficiency Causes, Symptoms and Remedies

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that is produced when skin is exposed to sunlight and have proper nutrition. 

Vitamin D is best identified for supporting Calcium metabolism. It helps the body absorb “Ca” from food and supplements to support the upkeep of healthy bones cells.

It is also found in foods like fish, dairy products and few vegetables. 



vitamin d deficiency

Why is Vitamin D essential?

Growing urban population is facing a serious problem of Vitamin D deficiency. Recently there is a spike in health issues related to Vitamin says the Daily News. Sunlight is the main source for Vitamin D. It helps have healthy bones by absorbing Calcium. You also need Vitamin D for other body functionalities. Recently a study has revealed that Vitamin D Deficiency is linked to breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, depression, weight gain.. It is proved that proper Vitamin D levels in the body keeps you immune to all diseases. 

Causes Of Vitamin D Deficiency?

Main Source of Vitamin D is sunlight and nutritious vegetables but the lifestyle today has changed a lot. Long working hours at office,night shifts, sleeping late because of the increase in night life is depriving humans from Vitamin D. When you don’t lead a healthy lifestyle, your body tends to become more prone to diseases. 

I’ve listed out few reasons because of which you might be Vitamin D deficient. 

1) Vegan Diet: If you are vegan diet follower, there is a much likely chance that you might be Vitamin D deficient . You can get enough Vitamin D through animal based sources like fish, fish oil , egg, diary products, beef etc. 

2) Limited Exposure to Sun: As I told earlier, the main source of Vitamin D is sunrays. Early morning sun rays are said to be rich in Vitamin D. You may be have the deficiency is you are homebound, stay in cold places or cover yourself up fearing the risk of sun exposure. 

3) People Who have kidney related issues: Vitamin D is converted into its active form in kidneys, so if you have kidney related issues, your body might be able to produce Vitamin D as much as required. 

4) Obesity: People who are obese will have hard time absorbing Vitamin D. The Vitamin gets stuck between the fat instead of circulation will be of no use to body. 

vitamin d deficiency

Youe body’s immunity power works depends on your Vitamin D levels. If you are deficient , your body starts showing symptoms in the form of low immunity level making you sick and prone to diseases often. 

Here are few symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency. 

1) Being Sick Often. 

2) Fatigue and Tiredness.

3)Hair Loss

4) Fragile Bones

5) Depression

6) Head Sweating 

7) Gut Issues 


vitamin d deficiency

Treatment for Vitamin D Deficiency

Treatment for Vitamin D deficiency involves intake of more Vitamin D in natural or medical(supplements)l forms. I being mostly health conscious will suggest natural methods as it will help lead you a healthy life in long run. Supplements are good alternative if you  are extremely deficient of Vitamin D and need immediate dosages. If you are young and your body is capable of getting more Vitamin D with lifestyle changes then opt for it. You will feel more stronger, energetic and enthusiastic even after a hectic and tiring day. (P.S : This method worked wonders for me). 

Let’s see how to get more Vitamin D Naturally:

1) Make sure you get good 7 hours of sleep: 11am- 6am is the best timing according to me depending on our current life style. Sleeping in odd timings for long hours will no wear help you. It’s important to stick to the timings. According to my doctor, everyone has a gland called perrineal gland in our forehead and that gland activates as soon as light falls on your face as a result of which body gets activated even if you are asleep in the morning hours. So make sure you have proper sleep in the night. 

2) Bask in the early morning sun: Everyone knows that sunlight is the main source of Vitamin D. Early morning sun rays are rich in Vitamin D and basking in it will help your body absorb a lot of Vitamin D. 


vitamin d deficiency

3) Healthy Food: Stop eating junk food and consume a lot of healthy foods which are rich in Vitamin D. Fish, Egg, Spinach etc. Such food are rich in Vitamin D and a regular intake is more like taking natural form of supplements. 

vitamin d deficiency

Vitamin D Supplements

I don’t usually prefer supplements but for immediate results its always good to use supplements. There are many Vitamin D capsules available in the market but make sure you use doctor prescribed tablets only.  Older people who are at much risk of vitamin D deficient can opt for capsules. Also, people living near northern latitudes where sun light is very less can opt for supplements to have a healthy bone structure. 


Hope this information is helpful. All you have to do is lead a healthy and happy lifestyle to be fit. You will never need to visit a doctor because of health issues. 


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