Skin care routine during Ramadan

Skin Care Tips to Follow During Ramadan

Skin Care Tips to Follow During Ramadan

Many people complain of dry skin during Ramadan due to lack of nutrition. Most people don’t make healthy choices during Ramadan which ends up making u have pale and dry skin. Few minor tweaks to your Ramadan routine will help you overcome the problem. 

Here are some great tips to follow during Ramadan.

1) Drink lots of water: Make sure you consume at least 4-5 liters of water everyday . This keeps you hydrated for whole day. 

2) Healthy Iftar: Don’t break your fast with unhealthy drinks. Make sure your Iftar meal is packed with nutrients. 

3) Healthy suhoor: Have a healthy suhoor which has nutrients enough to keep going through out the day. Peanut butter toasts, Oatmeal with chiaseed will keep you full for long time and also provides enough nutrients. 

4) Shower in warm water: Cold water makes your skin more dry. So, make sure u bathe in luke warm water . 

5) Night creams: Night creams are a must during Ramadan. This provides enough moisture to your skin. 

6) Use light weight moisturizes  so that you can apply it multiple times in day. 

7) Sheets masks are cheap and best. Put one daily after work to keep your skin rejuvenated. 

8) Add essential oils like vitamin C , Vitamin E to your beauty routine. 

Happy Ramdan!!



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