The simplest way to create your first Blog under expert guidance in 10 minutes

Simplest Way to Create your First Blog Under Expert Guidance

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Blogging as a profession sounds very exciting.Seeing all the high paying Bloggers Posting there income reports is surely motivating . If you feel you are really passionate about Blogging and can make a career of it then go ahead and create your blog from scratch by going through Below steps.

I’m going to help guide you through entire process of creating a website. 

As a new Blogger, it might be pretty confusing . Choosing a proper Hosting, website, How to set up a website up and running etc


I’ll break  down the steps for your making it easy to understand. 

First Thing You Need is Hosting


You need 2 things for setting up a website.

1) Web Hosting 

2) Content Management System : Blogger or WordPress

Don’t worry about the technical terms, all it means you need space to store your website . Web Hosting and CMS will handle it. I prefer wordpress for CMS as it’s very convenient and also popular. 

As I said earlier, you have 2 options for creating your website.

1) Free – Blogger or

2)Paid – Blogger and 

I prefer WordPress in both the cases as it’s very convenient to use. You have to choose paid option for Self Hosting your website. 

Why you should Pay for Your Website when you can also Get it for Free? 

Just 4 reasons 

  • Your Website is completely under your control: You’ll have full rights on your website .
  • You can have an income from it: To monetize you blog you need to have a self hosted website.
  • No rules and regulations imposed by the websites hosting your site. 
  • Patented URL:If you choose Free platform, you domain will be “ or ”“. Since ,I’m using paid version my domain now is “”.

The main concern of a new Blogger is Hosting. We see many people asking suggestions on what kind of hosting they should choose since there are many available in the market and the reply I see for most of them  SiteGround“.

Why Site Ground ?

  • It gives my site incredible speed. If you’re hosting is bad you might end up seeing a slow loading website every time you visit. 
  • Free Site Security: They come up with Free SSL security for your website which comes with Hack Protection and Account Isolation. 
  • Great Customer Service: They provide the best customer service with a wait for of 5 seconds There Chat services resolves your issue within seconds from helping you set up the website hosting to any ads on the website. 

7 Steps to Create A Website

1) Site Ground costs Less that $4 a month using this link.

2) Choose a Platform for Blogging. I suggest for it and you know what  it’s free when installed with Siteground. Isn’t that great!!!.

3) Choose your Domain Name : Like My domain is”” choose your required domain name with any extension you prefer like .com, in, .io etc.Domain name costs $10

4) Domain Privacy: It costs $10 but completely optional . You can buy it later if you want. 

5) Site Security : Comes Free with Site Ground so you don’t have to pay for it.

6) Theme: You need a choose a theme suitable for your and taste and customize it accordingly. There are many premier themes available. But me being a frugal person, chose a free theme which is absolutely worth it. If you aren’t willing to pay for themes you can take a look a few best free themes available for a Blogger. 

7) Plugins: Don’t forget to install plugins. Here are few important plugins which you’ve to download . They make your life hell lot easier. 

SiteGround takes you to the process of setting up only in 4-5 steps. If you have any queries you can always contact them through there chat services. I’ve provided the link below for you for you to reach out to them

Free Migration to SiteGround

You know what, if you’re already using different hosting and planning to migrate to siteground’s “GrowBig or Higher o site ground. There technical team will do it for you for free . They are offering this incredible offer Free Website Transfers to Site Ground for a Short Period.  Click Here on the Link below to migrate to Site ground .

Next Step After Hosting is choosing a Theme. 

A theme gives a look to your website . Makes it look professional, colorful, organized etc. Choosing a theme is the important aspect of your blog. No matter how much ever good content your write, if your blog isn’t well organised, you might lose the traffic. There are many Paid themes available for customizing your blog. But, I prefer a free theme for a starter. I’ve listed out few best free themes available for Bloggers on WordPress. 

You can also check out time saving Blog works that can  be done on Mobile. 

Still got any questions, please feel free to comment or beneath or shoot a email to I’ll be happy to help !!. 



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