Signs of Sibling Rivalry and How to Solve it

Signs of Sibling Rivalry and How to Solve It

A home with 2 or more kids is always a mess. Kids fighting over clothes, food, toys, books is very common . most of them let it be thinking they will grow up and learn to resolve issues. Sibling fights are the most common at home and these fights sometimes say increase the bond between siblings.But do you feel your kids behavior is very unusual with each other?. Is there too much of unhealthy competition between each other? Are they insecure about others presence?. Are they lying at extreme levels to get other one into trouble? Then you kids need therapy. These signs can lead to Sibling Rivalry which might leave do a permanent damage to the relation. Don’t get me wrong immediately because I said therapy. There is nothing wrong with it Just some guidance will solve all  there issues with each other. This can be done either by you or a child psychiatrist .

Sibling Rivalry is often not much cared by parents thinking it’s common to siblings to fight. Sometimes this might lead to a physiological block which the kid carry forward in there life which isn’t  good.  Not all kids get along with each other very well. It’s the parent’s who should play a vital role in resolving the disputes. 

Growing up with an elder sister with anger issues has always made me hate her in life. I remembered all the things which she did to hurt me till I was old enough and never moved on. It took several trips to psychiatrist to understand and forgive her. 

Make sure you don’t make this mistake with your kids. making them ave a healthy relation with each other is very important . Pay attention to all there fights , behavior with each other and guide them accordingly without being angry with them. Don’t ever punish your kids at extreme circumstances until you know the entire story. This might lead to unhealthy rivalry. 

  • Pay heed to there problems with each other and try resolving .
  • Don’t ever let a third person come between to pass on judgments .
  • Don’t compare each other under any circumstances . This will just add fuel to the fire. 
  • Make them understand and accept each other along with there flaws. 

No parent’s will want there kids to grow apart from each other. If proper care isn’t taken at young age, it might end up effecting there relation & trust even after growing up. 

signs of siblingg rivalry and how to solve it

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