Panner Phool- Cures Diabetes in 30 days

We have always believed that diabetes is irreversible and you should be taking your meds or insulin regularly. My Dad is diabetic. I don’t ever remember seeing his Sugar levels at least near to 200. He needs insulin doses and that used to pain me more. Often being worried about his health, I started looking for better organic options. 

That’s when I learned about Panner Phool . It has high medicinal value and is considered perfect for treating diabetes. A person suffering from diabetes can consume it to get rid of diabetes. One just needs to put 7-10 pieces in a glass of water and leave it overnight. Next morning, just crush it and filter the water and drink it.

cure for diabetes

At first, I didn’t believe in it but was willing to try anything . The first day when I gave the mixture to my dad, he almost gave up saying bitter. This bitterness is what required for treating diabetes. He drank this mixture continuously for a month and I’ve seen visible changes in his Sugar Test. Doctor assured that if this continues he can soon stop taking insulin.  Though drinking this mixture religiously helps out, you also must take care your diet. 


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