Myths about Reducing Breast Size Naturally

Myths About Reducing Breast Size Naturally

Every Women wants perfectly shaped perky breasts but sadly at one point of life they start drooping because of many reasons like pregnancy, over weight, menopause, not wearing proper Bra etc. Going for  a surgery is something which most of them don’t prefer first so people tend to find more natural and non surgical ways of treatment. 

I suffered with saggy breasts from my teens. Never understood the reason behind was never comfortable nor happy with my breasts. Since surgery wasn’t an option for me as I was too young , I started looking for more Natural ways. Every time I see a post saying Natural remedies for reducing breast size, I would all excited to see if I can find a solution to my problem.  My quest for natural remedies started five years ago and all the posts which I read mentioned the below products 

1. Olive Oil

People claim that olive oil is a rich source of anti oxidants and fatty acids that reverse that tighten the muscle inside preventing the sagging. I Had huge hope on this because we all know how good olive oil id for Skin .It treats wrinkles and fine lines . I used this oil for almost an year massaging my breasts daily for 15 minutes hoping I get to see the results one day but nothing has changed. Then I realized that sagged skin is different from wrinkled one. Olive oil may have the properties to cure wrinkles but definitely not saggy breasts. And Also, no study hasn’t yet backed this theory.

2. Ice Massgae 

How on earth can Ice Massage reduce the sagginess of the breasts by contracting the tissue inside when ice itself cannot withstand normal temperature. It might contract but for a very limited time. Ice Massage is generally done on face for relaxation . It definitely cannot firm your breast. 

3. Egg yolk

Yes , we all I know egg yolk can tighten and uplift your skin but does it have the properties to uplift such thick muscle. Our facial muscle is a thin layer and saggy breast very thick . Also, how difficult it is to apply egg yolk on yours breasts ans sit like that for 20 minutes. It’s not impossible, it uncomfortable and frankly  I didn’t like the feeling when I tried this mask. 

There are many other remedies like using egg white, fenugreek paste, alovera gel, cucumber etc. All these natural remedies might be useful but it’s going to take ages to get the results and that too not 100% chance.It’s time taking, unconformable and completely baseless. 

Breast uplifting creams 

I might have spent atleast $1000 on these creams . I make sure that I read the reviews before purchasing the creams and never understood why people are giving such awesome reviews and I don’t find any change in mine. Started it starts making  me feel inferior that may be the problem is in me. Everyone is getting results and Imn’t. I gave these up when I got to know that most reviews are given by companies themselves to increase the sales.  Don’t 100 % rely on reviews when you are buying an expensive product. Do your research properly before a purchase though I feel breast uplifting creams are a waste investment. 

Thinks That are actually going to work

1) Exercises: This is the best natural way to reduce your breast size. Though yo cannot transform them completely, you will see a noticeable change. Exercises like swimming, chest press, push ups, shoulders will help a lot. 

2. Breast Uplifment Surgery: If you want 100 % result , this is the only way. But remember that if you haven’t had kids, you will never be able to breast feed them in future as you will loose your lactose glands. 

Once drooped breast can never be uplifted naturally so don’t waste your time in trying natural methods. Either hit a gym or prefer a surgery if you want to see a visible change .  

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