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5 Ways To Increase Your Wardrobe Space Without Spending A Penny

One place in the house where you always need extra space to organise your clothes, shoes, lingerie, make up, etc . Let’s take a look at few cool hacks which will give yo the required space and also helps you in organizing you wardrobe without any cluttering. 


wardrobe space

1) Space Saving Closet Hangers

We all wear T-shirts and Shirts. Sometimes it’s also difficult to pull out your favorite T-Shirt from the clutter. Closet Hangers will solve this problem . You can buy this online or simple make one at home buy taking a chain and few hangers . 

Found on : Instructables.com


2. Hang Clothes in the Corner of the Room

wardrobe space

Convert a corner of your room into a open wardrobe. You can utilize the space efficiently this way and also arrange all your office wear here for the week without hassle of getting into your wardrobe in search of them. 

Found on : makespace.com

3. Store your Tank Tops on Shower curtain rings

wardrobe space

Do you have too many Tank Tops?. Save yourself the time and the Hassle of arranging them using this simple hack.  Attach Shower rings to your Hanger , hang tank tops to it and hang the entire thing to your bedroom door frame.

Found on : makespace.com

4. Storage Space For Footwear

wardrobe space

Grills are one of the best storage spaces for footwear. If there is any unsused Grill at your place or yo can also find it in nearbuy storage shops . They mighrt give it to you for free. Paint it if you want and hand the shoes on them. 

5. Dressing Table into Handbag Holder

wardrobe space

Too many clothes in your wardrobe, no practical space for other things. handbags in one such thing which needs enough space. So, you can convert any table with ample space beneath into a handbag holder. You can arrange the table beneath a mirror in youur room so that it serves both as a dressing table to a handbag holder. 

Found on : Lushhome



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