How to comfort a Baby on a budget

How to Comfort a Baby On a Budget

Having a baby is a life changing experience of every couple.  This new life changes you completely as person, as a spouse etc. 

We all tend to buy a lot of things when you’re expecting a baby just to show our joy and happiness but we tend to forget that baby doesn’t need the physical objects to play around and even cant recollect growing up. 

If you’re a new parent on a budget, then just buy what’s important for the baby rather then spending on things which the kid can’t use. 

Important Things 

1) Cozy Place to Sleep: Make a clean cozy space for your kid to sleep better. 

2) Few baby Essentials : You don’t need everything under sun for skin care.All you need is baby cream, shampoo, ointment for rashes and Talc. 

3)  Baby Car Seat: This is a must if you’ve baby on board. Don’t think of holding the babies while driving or about a seat belt. This also ensures safety of your kid while driving so spending on it isn’t harmful.

4) A Swing or Bouncy Seat: It’s always not possible to hold your baby even if you want to. A bouncy seat or a swing will solve the problem of moving them while you’re working. You can also netfilx while your baby is asleep. 

Tip: Don’t ever buy a new one. You can get consigned one for a 75% off. 

5) Swaddle Blankets: This not only helps the baby sleep, you can wrap it around the baby like a burrito . 

 Of course the basic things like clothes, milk bottles, diapers etc are mandatory but you can always control the spending on other things just buying choosing the required ones accordingly.

how to care for a baby on budget

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