How One Simple Pin Got me 1.9K Page Visits Without Pinning on Any Boards

Gettting 2000 page views might not be a great deal for many bloggers but for someone like me, who just started out her journey recently, it’s a great deal. I decided to write this post , to let people know that you don’t have to invest heavy amounts on schedulers and Ecourses to help you drive traffic to your website. You can do perfectly fine by just keeping few things in mind. 

Now let me tell you my story:

I started blogging in March, 2018 with no clue about how to drive traffic to website . That’s when I knew about Pinterest , a great platform to drive free traffic to your website. Being relatively new and not even knowing how pinterest works for bloggers, I made enough blunders ( which I still regret). 

I’ve started my Pinterest journey with 25 pins and just in 24 hours I saw 3000 unique page viewers and got really excited. Immediately I checked my Pinterest Analytics section and saw that One pin ” 10 Benefits on Vitamin E on skin and hair ” is receiving traction but when I checked further, I was disappointed to see that there were only 4-5 page visits. 

I have to agree, My pin was utterly disgusting . I didn’t know how to create pins properly and frankly I didn’t even get the idea of remaking the Pin. 


Seeing all the , income reports of other bloggers  who could see results in less time, I was very disappointed, I was posting in facebook groups for all kind of help and many bloggers have provided valuable inputs but I still couldn’t understand how. Pinterest courses were not an option for mee becasue they all costed to nearly $200 which was way out of my budget. I can’t even afford a scheduler and all the courses suggested using Tailwing or Boardbooseter. Disappointed , I was ready to quit. That’s when I learnt about Carlas Pintersting Strategies E course . It fitted my required criteria perfectly. 

1) Manual Pinning tips 

2) Low Cost ( just $32)

3) How to create Pins 

4) Pinterest SEO 

This is a great book for bloggers who are on a budget. I was excited to see all the great reviews and immediately bought the course . 

Click Here to Buy the Book if you are interested . 

It’s during this course , I came to know how I got the monthly unique visitors in just 24 hours of posting the pin without joining any group boards.

The Secret Is - Pinterest SEO

I never knew even Pinterest has SEO. I always assumed SEO is only for google and that pinterest needs is nice pins. But, I was wrong. A properly optimized Pin can drive great traffic to your website without Pinning or schedulers. 

A simple topic ” 10 Benefits of Vitamin E on skin and hair” bought me 1.9k page views just because it was properly optimized without my knowledge .

Though the pin was very bad, I still received impressions just because, my description was appropriate. 

. You can check out my analytics here: 

That’s when I created 2 new pins with the help of Canva . I was there on  2 beauty boards by this time so pinned once and never saw back. Till date , I haven’t repinned it on any other board but it still drives traffic to my website. That’s the power of Pinterest SEO . 

My new pin which  bought me 1.9K page views is here. It’s not great, but it worked for me. 

What I learned is Pinterest is a visual search engine, which needs both good pins and SEO to drive traffic to your website. 

Let's know how Pinterest SEO is Done

Pinterest SEO is more easier than compared to Google SEO. You just need to do 2 things right 

1) Good Pins with images related to your Content . ( Pinterest is a visual search engine and and it goes through all your pins ).

2) Content with relevant keywords in description. 

Tips to Make a Great Pin

1) It’s ok to not use any images on Pins. But , it’s bad to use unrelated images or images which don’t focus on the topic. 

how i got 2k pageviwes without pinning on group boardsdrib

Though this pin is about Baby products, emphasis is taken away by the purple woven basket. If you checked the related pins, you will see pins related to woven baskets. That’s because Pinterest searches through it’s pins. If you aren’t sure you’ve chosen right image, check your related images. 

2) Pinterest Keywords

Finding Keywords on Pinterest is very easy. Just Type the required topic in the search bar and click on the search button. 

how i got 2k pageviews without pinning on group boards
how i got 2k pageviews without pinning any group boards

you can get more relevant ideas or searched topics just beneath the search bar. 

Using keywords right good description (2-5 lines) in the description area . Use hastags and Bold letters 

how I got 2k page viewes without pinning on group boards

Also, give a different description in the area mentioned beneath. This improves your SEO quality and increases the chances of visibility. Install Yoast Plugin . Beneath the post in dasboard, choose the social section, give a proper description in facebook description. This description will appear on Pinterest. 

how to drive traffic to your website

I’m still learning and trying to improve to get more traffic and monetize my site but this is my small acheivement in short time and I’m glad to share it with you guys. 

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Share your Viral Pin stories with me beneath . Also. feel free to write to me if you’ve any questions . 



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