Bizzare way hormonal imbalance depletes your vision and how too cure it
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Bizzare Way Hormonal Imbalance Depletes your Vision and How to Cure It

Keratoconus” is a eye disease which depletes your cornea gradually  leading to loss of vision. You tend to get it before 25 yrs of age if it has to. Main reasons are hereditary, astigmatism, less corneal thickness. 


I never knew something like even existed till it first got detected at the age of 25. Having cylindrical sight from my childhood which doctors told is called “Astigmatism“, it didn’t make a huge difference to me until I was detected with this eye disease called keratoconous. 

Studying in college late night studies, less sleep, no proper food were like a part of the routine, I never really cared because of the obvious and never even understood what my body was trying to convey. Frequent acne attacks, anxiety, mood swings I should have focused  at least once why I’m going through all those. One fine day when I was waxing my hand, I noticed red bumps all over my hand and it was itching like crazy, I didn’t understand what was going on. It wasn’t my first wax and I used to regularly. Still, I brushed it off thinking wax strips might have expired . Realization hit me, when I was trying to wear my contact lens. They were dripping of my eyelids and I couldn’t see anything clearly. This happened for few days. I even changed my lens but nothing changed. Being conscious about wearing specs daily ( I hate my spectacles) I immediately consulted my doctor who told me the bitter truth. Why suddenly?? Nothing has changed. Why did I get it now. It didn’t even exist even my family to think it’s hereditary . If it wasn’t my contact lens I might have never knew that I has keratoconos  and gradually loose vision said the doctor. I was shocked and scared . He advised me to see a Gynecologists for any changes in my body. It’s then I knew that I have thyroid and PCOD’s. All this happened because of Hormonal changes in my body. If only I had taken care eariler it wold have never come to a surgery. 

My right eye was in a bad condition while left eye is better. I had to immediately undergo a surgery called C3R to my right eye which arrested the further depletion of cornea. Left eye can wait till the next hormonal shift in my body that’s having Kids. If you or your kids have Astigmatism and are likely to undergo hormonal changes in your life, make sure you consult your eye doctor. 

treated my thyroid naturally without any tablets and still trying to overcome PCOD’s with regular exercise. 


Good health is biggest wealth you can ever have. Don’t ever neglect it 



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