Habits of Socially Anxious People

Social anxiety is a fear of interaction with people around. It’s a phobia of being judged and evaluated negatively by other people. 

I always knew there was something wrong with me. When other kids of my age make friends, have fun , hangout etc. I never really could do anything. My inability to have conversation with people around me made me a loner. I just assumed I was so dumb that I cant even talk properly without blabbering. 

My adolescence & Teenage passed by with this problem . So, I then decided to solve my problem and visited a physitrist. That’s when I knew that I have extreme levels of Social Anxiety. 

Symptoms of Social Anxiety

1. Playing or Flipping your Hair 

Yes, Playing with your hair is a symptom of social anxiety. Observe yourself when talking to a group of people or while giving presentations. Your hands automatically reach your hair and you blabber or stutter.  It’s a nervous habit. I got a D in all my presentations because of this :(. 

2) Feeling Lost in Crowd

Does your heart beat rise when they are so many people around you. I sometimes feel I might have a Panic attack any time soon if I’m standing alone even in a safe crowd ( functions and get together’s).  I start roaming around in the crowd in search of something which I don’t even know. You feel even worse when someone you know asks what you’re searching for and you don’t have an answer for it. 

3) Low Self Esteem 

Have you ever felt useless, incapable, worthless etc ?. Tough times in life make everyone feel this was way but for a social anxious person it’s more harder to deal with these feelings as there main fear is fear of judgement. This makes them an introvert. 

4) Constant checking of Social Media sites. 

Facebook Newsfeed is our  best friend. Do yo find yourself going through your social media profiles even when around with family and friends?. These days everyone has a smart phone. Many of them started using it as a way out to hide there fears & insecurities .  Make sure you know  which category do yo fall into. If it’s latter , you need help. 

5) Staying Inn.

Do you prefer staying inn most of the time ?. Have you created your own world between the four walls of your house where you feel safe and happy?. It’s not a good sign. few people prefer staying indoors which fine. Preference is different from fear. If fear of socializing is making you stay indoors then make sure you over come the fear. 

I cannot suggest you any remedies as of now as I’m still finding answers with the help of my psychiatrist . If you find above symptoms in you, make sure you get some help, read motivational books, go out for walks alone etc. 

Physiological problems aren’t taken seriously by people bt in reality they are more harmful then physical bruises. If friends and family are unable to help, help yourself and be happy. 




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