Biggest Eyebrow Mistakes you need to Stop Making

Thick dark eyebrows are here to stay. It’s very important to manage them before they end make you end up looking barbaric then attractive. Only Way to keep your eyebrows in shape  is by ensuring you never make certain eyebrow faux pas.

But if you want your eyebrows to look great, here are few mistakes which you should avoid doing. 


1) Getting the Arch Wrong

A perfect eyebrow arch gives your face and eyebrow and sexy look. If not done properly, it completely spoils the look of your face. To get the eyebrow arch right, you need o hold the pencil and use the side of the nose as the point to start from. Carefully hold the pencil and let it travel along with the direction your right eye iris. This helps you to get the arch shape right. Follow the procedure till the intersection point. Keep checking the shape in the middle to see if it suits you or not. 


2) Choosing Wrong Color

The most common mistake women commit when it comes to eyebrows is choosing wrong color. Most women end up picking dark colors or shades which don”t go with their skin tone. If your thick dark eyebrows, the aim isn’t to darken it more. Instead select two shades lighter. This helps in defining your eyebrow properly without coming out too loud. 

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3. Mismatched eyebrows

Its a natural phenomena that we have asymmetrical human body and the same is the case for brows. But asymmetrical brows ruins your looks so it’s important to shape them up in a way so that look identical and it’s simple to do so. If either one of your eyebrows is higher when compared to other one, you should start with threading the lower portion of your eyebrow to make it look lower. Similarly do thread the upper portion of the lower eyebrow. These steps make your eyebrows look symmetrical. Make sure that you don’t do too much of threading making them very thin. 


4. Over defined Eyebrow

Over defined eyebrow means giving your eyebrow a very sharp angular shape making it look dark or thick. Such eyebrows can ruin your look completely. Over defined eye brows can some time come out too loud.  Also, avoid using dark eyeliner if you  have thick eyebrows to reduce the effect. 

5) Wrong Brow Placement

When drawing on your eyebrows to make them look thick and dark, make sure that you are drawing both in same height and width. If not you will end up having asymmetrical eyebrows. Best way is to draw the shape lightly before drawing on it. Also keep checking the shape during the process to avoid the mess. The brow should be aligned to perfect sexy look. 

6) Over trimmed Eyebrows

Trimming should always be done under professional guidance. Very often we think we are trimming only a bit but it can end up to be more. When it comes to eyebrows, every bit of it matters as it defines the entire look of your face. If you are planning to trim at your place  by yourself be very careful. 

7) Eyebrow Shape Not Matching You Face

Every face shape has suitable eyebrow shape. Some times you end up trying to experiment but it’s very important to see that shape will match your face. 

Here are the matches which I found are best for different face shapes:

  • Oval Face: Any eyebrow shape suits for this type 
  • Square Face: A soft curved and arch shape.
  • Long face: A straight cut looks good for this type.
  • Round Face: Well defined arch will do for this face type. 

8) Over Threading or Plucking

To get the shape right, many women end up over threading or plucking the eyebrows making them too thin and unsuitable on your face. If you want to have thick dark and shaped eyebrows then avoid this step. Define the shape you want after removing the extras. This will help you understand your exact eyebrow shape. 

9) Blending not one Properly

If you are applying make up and want to define your eyebrows by applying powder or pencil, make sure it blends well with your make up and skin tone. If you are applying powder, remove the excess powder by tapping the eyebrows and if you are using pencil, make sure its sharp an pointy. Start applying lightly as it will help you understand the required look. After applying, you can use a brush over the eyebrows to get a soft effect. Make sure, you get all the products you are using to blend well. 

10) Excess Powder Usage

In an effort to make your eyes and eyebrows look pretty, don’t start applying too much of powder. In order to achieve a natural look, brush off the excess powder always till it blends with your skin tone. Also, after clean your brush so that you don’t end up applying more. 

Making your eyebrows look good won’t be a difficult task if you follow this 10 basic tricks. 


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