DIY Vitamin C serum for Glowing SKin

DIY Vitamin C Serum with Orange Zest

DIY Vitamin C Serum With Orange Zest

Vitamin C serum is great for skin especially for oily skin. Let’s Learn how to make vitamin c serum at home which is completely organic and chemical free.


1) Orange peel powder – Take Peels of two oranges and dry them out in Sun for 2-3 days. Once done grind the peels into a powder form. These Peels are solid form of Vitamin c . You can also apply this directly as a face pack but I prefer serum.

2) Distilled water

3) Alovera Gel

4) Glycerin

5) Vitamin E capsule ( optional)


  • In a Bowl blend and whisk orange peel powder with distilled water. Store the mixture for 2-3 hours till the water gets infused with Vitamin C. 
  • Strain the mixture collecting the water. 
  • Now Add Alovera , Glycerin and Vitamin E serum to the water. 
  • With the help of a funnel, pour it into a container. 
You can store this serum in a refrigerator up to 1 week. Apply it every day morning  and night before sleep for better results. 

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