I tried Coconut Oil On my Dark Circles for 30 Days and This happened

coconut oil for dark circles

Coconut oil has always been a part of our lives as hair oil. We all know the benefits it has on our hair. But recently I’v seen coconut oil is being hyped as a miracle oil working wonders on our skin too. 

One thing I was curious about was it’s effect on Dark circles. Suffering from dark circles from childhood ,no product or treatment actually every worked for me. So, I decided to try this out. Being a user of coldpressed organic coconut oil, I knew there won’t be any side effects on skin. 

Since, it we cannot use it during day times, I started applying it in the night after washing my face. First night passed by and I saw that there was no difference. Everything is still the same. I still decided to go ahead with it. After couple of weeks, I saw that  there was no puffiness under my eyes  which I usually see even after getting proper sleep. So, I decided to continue it but after my trial period sadly I didn’t find any difference. I fell victim to the placebo effect — my expectations were set too high and broken. Nevertheless I decided to continue it as a daily routine as natural products will help your skin in one or other way. Your results wouldn’t be immediate but will be effective. 


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