blog work from mobile that can save you time

Blog Work From Your Mobile That Can Save You a Lot of Time

Blogging – The one profession which brings income at your convenience . The flexibility and comfort it provides isn’t found in any profession. Especially for people who passionate about it. The only thing which people complain is sitting long hours in front of computer which doesn’t have to be the case if we know few blogging hacks that can be done from our mobile . I’ve listed few tasks which can be done from your mobile making your life easy. These tasks are great for Mom Bloggers, Part time Bloggers , Travel Bloggers and any one who wants to save time and still get the work done . 

Yes Blogging is time consuming but only till you get the hang of it.  If you’re overwhelmed with all the information  available about creating a blog and managing it, this post might help you. 

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Let's Get Started

1. Ideas For New Blog Posts : Brain Storm your ideas for the upcoming blogs. You can always hop onto Google Trends and search for the trending topics to get an idea about your upcoming blog posts . If you’re an affiliate marketer, you can download the apps and search for the products you’re willing to promote on your blog. Some times ideas and thoughts might just hit you and it’s always not possible to open your laptop. So, you can make a note on the note pad or record your ideas if you’re too lazy to type.

2. Stock Photos: Finding appropriate photos for your blog posts is one tedious job . The images you choose have to attractive and relevant . If you’re looking for Free stock images, you can always go for Pixabay  and UnSplash . If you’re good at removing watermarks , shutterstock provides more wide range of images.  Once I like any image , I send it to my email and download it on Canva to create stunning pins. This is a huge time saver as you can scroll through your phone anytime during leisure. 

3. Social Media Posts : You can promote your posts on social media any time . Tailwind is great for this purpose. When you’re browsing through pinterest from your mobile, you can schedule your posts through tailwind queue.You can also Manually Pin from your mobile. The main social media platforms which I use are Facebook and Pinterest. These Mobile friendly apps often help me out when I’m out or don’t have access to laptops. Make sure you download the apps of the relevant platforms you’re using.  You can always schedule your pins but manual pinning also helps in increasing the blog traffic. 

4. Active on Facebook Groups: Be an active member on Facebook groups. Post your blogs on groups, respond to queries even if they aren’t related to your blog. This increases familiarity in groups which indirectly sends traffic to your site. 

5. Respond to Comments: Instant reply to the comments on your blog posts showing some appreciation helps a lot . I never really understood it earlier but replying to the comments shows that you’re attentive and serious about the content on your blog. You can also comment on other Blog Posts .

6. Keyword Research For Pinterest: Pinterest is a platform which is used mostly on Mobile. So the keywords you’re targeting should be according to the mobile searches. The way your searches differ on Mobile and Desktop for google, things pretty much work the same way on Pinterest too. You can search for relevant keywords for your blog on the app and note them down on the notepad to use them while writing articles. 

You can Use Pintreset Quick Search 

You can Use Pinterset Guided Search on Mobile 

time saving tasks from your mobile for your blog

7.  Take E – Courses : If you’re a part for any ecourse or planning to join one. Download  the relevant material on your mobile for going through it at your leisure time. This helps in learning new hacks while saving time. 

8. Follow Influencers of your Niche: Every Niche has it’s own influencers, its very important to be follow them to understand the new trends the trends they follow. Often these influencers give away few methods they follow , if you’re a new blogger , you can  learn from these and implement on your Blog to increase traffic. 

9. Download Apps: Download all the apps relevant to your Blog like Analytics, Adsense, Facebook, Pintreset, wordpress, snapseed etc.



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