Affordable Pinterest Courses To help You Understand Pinterest and Increase Traffic

Pinterest if obviously the best medium to drive traffic to your blog. When I first knew about Pinterest for bloggers, I quickly surfed through many established blogger accounts, there Income reports, kind of pins they are pinning. Read many of there blog posts about how they increased traffic etc. I’ve also subscribed to so many email lists that now my email gets filled up with Blogger mails all the time. 

All these things made me understand, 5 things about Pinterest . 

1) Enable Rich Pins

2) Write Long Posts 

3) Join many group baords

4) sign up for Tailwind. 

5) Create beautiful pins using canva or picmonkey. 

Every blog post I read through is filled with this content and I got a basic idea on how Pinterest works. But, I wasn’t still sure on how do I do all these things. The pins which I created are the most ugly ones till now I guess and the emails I used to send for Board invites might have been deleted seeing immaturity of the content. I was desparete and posted in many facebook groups, checked out numerous free tutorials. I have to accept, the blogger communities were really helpful and always provided some solution . I knew that I was still lacking the core understanding of Pinterest and that’s when I decided to take up a Pinterest Course. I went through many courses and my heart beat used to skip for a moment seeing the price.  These courses aren’t something which I afford. Desperately, I began searching for an afforable Pinterest Course through all facebook groups and blog posts. That’s when a facebook post grabbed my attention. How a blogger from UK Saranya got 200000 pageviews in 1 month on her blog ” ONE FINE WALLET”. She started around the same time I’ve started but was getting amazing results. I messaged her on facebook and she was kind enough to answer my questions patiently. She was the one who told me about “PINTEREST NINJA” by Meghan. It was just for $50 and seeing all the amazing reviews I wanted to grab it immediately. I message Meghan about the course content and all my doubts and she replied almost immediately clarifying all my doubts and also with an extra bonus of $10 off coupon which has to be availed with 2 days as part of a offer she is running. I jumped out of my seat and immediately purchased the course and that has been the best decision I made after taking up blogging 


This book has made understand every step of driving traffic through Pinterest in such a beautiful way that now I confidently work on Pinterest . Meghan has clearly divided her ebook into different sections for everyone’s understanding and also mentioned the takeaways from each section under it. She has also videos about pin creation, rich pin enabling , how to do brading for your profile, how to pin using tailwind, Pinterest SEO etc. The course is also filled unbelievable content 

1) 365 Group board lists. 

2) Facebook Groups Lists 

3) Affiliate Marketing Lists 

4) How to create Mini course videos on Teachable 

5) Email Marketing

6) How to Analyse your viewers 

7)  Amazing freebies

8) collaborating with other entrepreneurs and providing concessions. 

This is just a gist of the course .  You cannot implement everything in one go and say you are done. One step each time and this course helps you build perfect a perfect profile and also helps you increase your traffic. 

Though Meghan’s course has helped me understand Pinterest, I was out of money to buy a Tailwind Subscription ( Still I’m ). I wanted to know if I can survive with manual pinning. It was a really hectic job and it has become very difficult to keep a track of the pins and groups boards and manual pinning isn’t seeing any results. Creating isn’t just enough , it has be circulated to receive the traction. That’s when again I knew about carly’s Pinterest strategies. She also gets monthly 200000 views by Manual Pinning (amazing isn’t) and has carefully explained in each and every step she took ans also takes for increasing her page views by manual pinning. 



After reading this book, I’ve gained confidence that even manual pinning can give drive traffic to your website. In this book, Carly mentioned in detail about tracking your website through Google Analytics, What aspects of an image does Pinterest sees. She considers Pinterest as a Visual Search Engine and this worked out for her very well. Using these strategies many bloggers have increased there blog traffic by pinning manually. 

Course takeaways 

1) Understanding Pinterest As a Visual Search Engine

2) How to keep a track of your pins pinned to group boards

3) Understanding Google Analytics to track your traffic 

4) Choosing a pin image emphasizing on topic

5) Her Pinning Strategies 

6) Group Board health checks

And Many More. After reading this book, I don’t regret not being able to afford Tailwind as it has shown me the bigger picture of understanding Pinterest. 

My traffic hasn’t exploded yet as I’m still implementing all these wonderful strategies but now I’m more confident that I will be able to do it. From here on things depend on my hard work and implementation of these strategies correctly to increase the blog traffic . 

If you are new to Pinterest and trying to figure how to drive traffic to your website using Pinterest then these are the courses for you. 

Do let me know your feeback if you bought the book. 


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