A SkinCare Routine With Coconut Oil to Nourish Your Body

I still remember my childhood days when my grandmother used to apply coconut oil to the entire body and scrub it with Besan Powder.  My skin used to feel all nourished and fresh. Gone are those days where we used to have time for taking care of our body.  Now I follow Korean skin care routine to follow which also gives great results . 

Sticking to the roots I still wanted to incorporate coconut oil into my routine . Hence I came across few coconut oil infused DIY products and created my own skin care routine which worked great for my skin head to toe and I wanted to share these tips with you. 

If you’re a coconut oil fan like me , then check this routine out.  

1. Coconut Hair Oil

I  must definitely give credits to coconut oil for my thick long hair.  I recently started adding Vitamin E serum  to it which my made my hair so silky that no expensive shampoo or conditioner felt worth it.  You can check out the benefits of vitamin E oil for skin and hair before taking this  step. Best part is, the effect stays for 4-5 days unlike other conditioners. I suggest to apply it and keep it overnight then tale head bath using a mild shampoo. 

coconut oil body care routine

2. Coconut Facial Cleanser

Applying oil to face didn’t seem like a good idea at first. After trying this cleanser recepie,  I became a huge fan of. All you need is 3 ingredients 

Coconut Oil + Baking Soda+ Honey

Take a look here for complete steps. 

3. Coconut Toner

Don’t want to use the chemical infused toner available in the market?. Try out this natural coconut rose water toner and see the difference.  Check out the video here. 

4. Coconut Green Tea Face Mask

Best face mask for a radiant skin . Green Tea known for it’s anti oxidants, coconut known for it’s soothing affect s a great combination for skin. Check out the recipe here

5. Coconut Lemon Scrub

Lemon known for vitamin C, coconut for soothing and sugar known for it’s exfoliation properties is perfect for making a refreshing body scrub. Check out the recipe here.  

coconut oil foot scrub

6. Pedi Foot Scrub Recepie With Coconut Oil

In love with this Pedi Foot Scrub.  This exfoliating foot scrub recipe with coconut oil will just make you feel like you had a  professional spa pedicure!. This foot scrub exfoliates with fine sea salt and pumice. It then hydrates skin with shea butter and coconut oil for softer skin. Check out the recipe here

benefts of coconut oil on skin and hair

7. Coconut Moisturizer

DIY whipped coconut cream is nothing but coconut oil that has been whipped to make a cream. It is extremely simple and easy to make and it stays put in the jar like a normal, usual cream. Scoop out a bit on you palms and apply it all over your body. 

coconut oil infused beauty routine

I read a lot of posts portraying coconut oil as a miracle recipe for removing dark circles. But frankly  didn’t find any change. So, I’m sharing experience here so that you won’t waste your time trying on things which don’t work. 

Do let me know if you have incorporated these products in your body care routine . Share your experiences with me. 


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