7 Linen Closet Organization Tips For Lazy People

Is there any chance that you walk into your house and open the linen closet, a pile of linen towels will fall over your face?

By the way, if you open the door to something in your house and tons of shit fall on you, then its time to get your shit together. 

I’m sure even your linen closet like mine once looked all pretty, sorted and organized and soon life happens and it’s all over the place. No matter how many times we try organizing, it always tends to misbehave :P. 

In fact when I was planning to right this article, I had a look at my linen closet and laughed at myself. 

So, if my closet needs reorganizing, I always tend to look for easy storage ways which are quick and efficient. I’m sure you are also trying to find some quick fixes for you closet if you’re too lazy like me.  

Let’s channel that inner organization queen and dig into this closet . It’s easy, trust me!!

1) Tiny Object Storage

We all have tiny objects floating around our closet which get impossible to find when actually required. Clothes Pins, cotton balls etc. If you’re a fan of cute jars like me, you can store these small things in it. It’s highly efficient and also looks cute in your closet. People will think you’re super organised and also have great taste if they see it. 

Closet organisation hacks
Gypsy Purple

2) Fill Bins with Bed Sheets

This idea of storage is amazing. Storing the entire bed sheets in one bin makes changing the sheets so easy without  getting fussy.  Now you don’t have to worry if you have if a surprise. guest is coming over and you have set the bed for them soon. You’ll find everything in one bin. You don’t have to wade through the bed sheets to get them through rest soon.

You can find the baskets on Amazon or Etsy easily.  

3) X Shaped Shelves for Towels

I never liked the idea of folding the towels and keeping them. They used to get easily messed. Until few days ago, I used to fold the towels and keep in basket which was helpful but not much till I found these cross shaped towel holders. I absolutely fell in love with this idea. It makes the shelf look pretty and easy to pick out the towels. 

linen closet organisation

4) Sorting all the extras

Everyone has a habit of turning there linen closet into a overflow of bathroom products. I keep most of my extra bathroom products like shampoos, conditioners, soaps, cotton balls, body washes everything. It’d good to have few extra spares at home when friends come in, 

linen closet hacks

5) Storage Bags For Comforters

Storing big , heavy quilts, comforters is a very difficult job. Apart from occupying a lot of space, a chance of getting dirty is a problem which we usually face. Since these comforters are also needed once in a year, pack everything in a plastic bag and push it under your bed or a corner of your attic to save the trouble. 

closet hacs

6) Clothespin Labeling

I found this cute clothespin labeling idea online and I loved it. Select cute label prints which you like online and stick them on clothes pin with glue. You can easily pin it on clothing bags . 

linen closet

7) Cute Cat Linen Bags

No matter how much sorted we keep small things. You some time feel like keeping them in open so that you grab those stuff easily without going through the fuss of opening all the jars. 

I found these cute kitten hanging  bags online and fell in love with them. It’s so easy to hang them inside the closet and keep the regular daily things like scissors, tape, nails, buds anything you want in it. 


linen closet

I hope this makes cleaning easy for you. 

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