5 must have items for safe travelling

8 Inexpensive Must Carry Items for Safe Travel

Everybody loves to travel. It’s one of the greatest pleasures of life. But an safe travel is going to a nightmare . Loosing your possessions in an unknown place is going to a very fearful experience. So, before you leave your native, to travel around, make sure pack few things that ensure a safe travel. 

Inexpensive Travel Gear for Safe Trips

1. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a must have for every traveler especially for women. It protects your from crowd riots, nabbing. animal attacks like bears and dogs. It’s a self defense agent which temporarily takes out the vision of attacker. If you travel alone, then make sure you pack at least 1 of these. Hope you never get to use.  Like we say, its better Safe than Sorry.(buy here)

2. Power Banks

While travelling, cell phone  has become an utmost necessary companion. For clicking pictures, for navigation purposes etc. So, its always important to have charge in your Phone. It’s better to carry a fully charged power bank along with the chargers of your gadgets in case of emergency. It cannot be carried in your travel bag if you’re flying so make sure your pack it with your Luggage. (buy here). 

3. Flash Lights

5 must have products for safe travel

Make sure you never turn blind when lights go off during travel or when you are trekking in forests. It’s better to carry LED lights as they consume less energy and the batteries will long last. ( buy here)

4. Sanitizer

Make sure you carry a Sanitize always . This helps especially when you’re travelling to places where you should be concerned about Hygiene. It also acts as an antiseptic agent if you get hurt (minor bruises ). It will be useful when water and soap aren’t available. Make sure you pack enough if you’re planning a long vacation. (buy here)

5. A Personal Alarm or a whistle.

I know it might sound ridiculous when asked to pack a whistle but trust me it helps. It helps you give a distress signal when alone and  lost from crowd. It also can stop an attacker by drawing the attention of the crowd. (buy here)

5 must have items for safe travel

6. First Aid Kit

A basic first aid kit with bandages, antiseptics, antibiotics is a must. Make sure you get your vaccinations done before you start travelling

7. Local Guide Map

Travelling with all kinds of gadgets sometimes might not help . Network problems, battery issues might hamper your trip. Buy a local guide map , this way you can cover all the famous places around without burning out your battery. These guides will help you know the place in a better way always. 

8. Travel Insurance

This sure might cost you little extra bucks but this is a must. You might want to get your travel insured so that you may not undergo any losses because of any theft .  

The above mentioned are 8 most affordable and must have items while travelling. If you are more concerned about your safety. Take a look at here for better international safe travel. 

Travel should be fun, enlightening, and exciting. Make sure your vacation memories are only good ones by being prepared for whatever you might encounter on your adventures.



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