7 guilt free keto desserts for your cravings
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7 Guilt Free Keto Desserts For Your Cravings

Being on diet is the most difficult thing to do especially when you have a lot of sweet cravings . We all Know that Keto is the most famous diet which helps us consume low carbs without hampering our taste buds. If you’v a sweet tooth and yo’re on diet, you can try below easy  keto desserts for your cravings. 

Low Carb Molten Lava Cake.

keto desserts

Who doesn’t like a molten lava cake especially when you are craving for a sweet dish.  This a perfectly beautiful, low carb dessert  which melts in your mouth effortlessly. You can also bake it for your loved ones on special occasions.

Found on :ketodietcafe


Low carb Snickers Breakfast Shake

keto desserts

This beast is great and you know what , you can make it in less tan 60 secs. Top it up with whipped coconut dream and crushed peanuts for that extra kick. 

Found on: Thebigmansworld 

3. Lime Cheese Cake

keto desserts

If you aren’t a fan of choclate  and looking for mild sweetness, then this is the option for you. All you need is a handful of ingredients and an oven to bake it . This is great outdoor parties and birthdays at home. 

Found on : motherthyme.com

4. Chocolate Mint Cupcakes

If you want to store your desserts for few days in the fridge, then cupcakes are best option. This choclate cupcake with goodness of mint it is perfect for such occasions.

Found on : Eatbeautifull.net 

5. Strawberry Shortcake

keto desserts

This simple 90 sec cake is great for people who don’t like spending much time cooking . It’s simple, quirky and yummy.

Found on : Kaseytrenum

6. Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake

keto desserts

this cinnamon roll mug cake is a great way to control  over eating It’s keto-friendly and so good! Next time you get a craving, make this Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake and you’ll be satisfied with your choice.

Found on : Mincerepublic

7. KetoKulfi

Kulfi’s are famous in India. It’s made with heavy cream, sugar, malai etc. If you are a fan of Kulfi, make sure you try this keto version of it. 

Found on : KetoforIndia 

Being on diet doesn’t mean you have to kill your cravings, you just have to make sure yo’re having an healthy version of your favorites.  Hope you try out all the recpies and do let us know your feedback!!!. 

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