7 DIY Foot Scrubs for Soft and Smooth Feet

Foot Scrubs are way to pamper your feet.  We all take care of our face, hands, neck by applying variety of skin care products but we don’t care much about our feet as they are not visible mostly. Sometimes it tends to be uncomfortable when you go bare feet. Dry and cracked heels makes us feel conscious. 

These DIY foot scrubs will make your feet feel pampered, loved and cared. Its’ almost impossible to get a pedicure or foot massage often but to take well polished toes always, try these simple DIY foot scrubs  made with home ingredients. 


1) Whipped Minty Foot Scrub

This is my absolute favorite  Foot Scrub till now. You might need to purchase few products from the super market and have to make little bit more effort to make this foot scrub , but its totally worth it. It;s like getting yourself a expensive foot scrub.  You need to buy few things like  jojoba seeds, peppermint oil, rice bran oil, shea butter and some few chemical components . You can check out the recipe here

Do give it a try if you want some exotic foot scrub to pamper your feet. 


diy foot scrubs

2) Mermaid Sea Salt Scrub

Have every made yourself a unicorn trend foot scrub at home?. Then check out this colorful mermaid scrub. It’s made with sea salt for gentle exfoliating, coconut oil for moisture and the key ingredient which makes it a mermaid scrub is “spirulina” which is filled with benefits for your skin such as prevents anti ageing, acne, dark circles etc. You can also add a little  amount of mica gold ( used in cosmetics) which brings a shine to the scrub. Scrubbing your feet with this beautiful mermaid scrub will not only make your skin feel incredible but also makes it shine like gold in summer. 

You can check out the recipe here

diy foot scrubs

3) Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub

If you’re looking for a instant citrus based foot scrub, then this is the best scrub for you. It immediately brings freshness and gives your feet a soft and moist feel. All you need is lime water, Epsom salt, Himalayan salt, coconut oil  and it’s ready. 

diy foot scrubs

4) Coffee Sugar Scrub

Coffee has numerous benefits on skin. Caffeine helps in decreasing darkness on the skin. Its removes the tan line formed because of our sandals. 

You can find the recipe here

diy foot scrub

5) Citrus and Aloe Foot Scrub

Citrus and Aloe Scrub is made with jojoba wax beads and essential oils. This simple recipe  cheers up your mind and skin with it’s stimulating aroma. 

You can find the recipe here

diy foot scrubs

6) Blackberry Mint Foot Scrub

This Blackberry footscrub is best for your sore and tired feet. Blackberry contains Vitamin A, C and K and is a powerful antioxidant. You will need few more ingredients like coconut oil, peppermint oil and brown sugar. You can store it in a mason jar for a week in the refrigirator. 

Check out the recipe here

DIY foot scrubs

7) Strawberry FootScrub

Strawberry Scrub is filled with scrumptiour smell of strawberries. It’s fresh and can be used for your hands, legs and face also. 

You can check out the recipe here

These foot scrubs are easy, low cost and absolutely effective. You can make them whenever you want and store them if you want. 

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