Best plants for air purification

7 Best Plants for Indoor Air Purification

Pollution is everywhere in India. The recent reports saying 14 out of 15 most polluted cities are in India, its clear that we all breathe in toxic air all the time . Though it’s difficult clearing the outside environment, we can at least make our homes pollutants free  as recent study reveals that Indoor air pollutants have been ranked among the top five environmental risks to public health. 

We spend at least 60% of our time at homes and air quality matters. Given the usage of Air conditioners, upholstery , furnishings, cleaning products can emit variety of toxic compounds. Also, the outer contaminants like vehicle exhaust finding it’s way into our homes . All of these are making the poorly ventilated houses more dangerous than the pollution outside.

Luckily, nature is at rescue again. We’ve found few inexpensive plants that be planted on our homes and will purify the indoor air. Adding potted plants to a room has been shown to reduce the amount of air particulates inside the house. 

Affordable Indian Plants for Air Purification

1. Alovera

An easily available plant which also can be grown without much effort. This Plant doesn’t need much water . A slightly moist soil is enough for it to multiply with in no time. It helps in clearing benzene generally found in paints  and formaldehyde in air. 

7 Affordable Indoor Plants for Air Purification​

2. English Ivy

7 Affordable Indoor Plants for Air Purification​

This Plant can thrive in any kind of weather and stays green whole year  and is favorite for people who like to decorate . This plant can climb up meshes adding color to your house. It is used to treat respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis. It is known to remove toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, xylen, toluene. These toxins can cause sick building syndrome. Sick building syndrome is when people feel ill when spending time in a particular building or room. It is also known to purify the fecal matter from air especially fond in Brushes. 

3. Eucalyptus.

We all know the medicinal propertis of eucalyptus but it is also an excellent air purifier. It is genrally not considered as an home plant but if you find it do consider putting it in your home. You can also plant in your backyard or neighborhood. The leaves  are filled with tannins which can raise healthy fluids in the body’s air passages. Just breathing in the scent helps to lower congestion problems and ward off colds.


7 Affordable Indoor Plants for Air Purification​

It is said that ferns have survived from prehistoric times. They are generally  favored for their soft, feathery leaves and these help to get  rid of the air pollutants like toulene and xylene found in nailpolishes, paints etc. 

5. Golden Pothos

7 Affordable Indoor Plants for Air Purification​

It’s a small but fast growing plants found in small pots especially for indoor decor. These stay green even when kept in dark place. This prevents the spearing of formaldehyde in air. 

6. Bamboo palm

7 Affordable Indoor Plants for Air Purification​

This Plant can survive even in shady environments. This Plant Filters benzene and trichloroethylene and is the good choice to be in places around furniture emitting formaldehyde 

7. Spider Plant

7 Affordable Indoor Plants for Air Purification​

Spider Plant is one of the most adaptable of houseplants and the easiest to grow. It has ability to absorb carbon monoxide which is lethal to humans. 


Stay Healthy and Breathe!!!!!


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