Easy ways to save money in college

6 Simple and Best Ways to Save Money in College

College teaches us individuality , money management & value of saving.  We live on a tight budget but can’t help spending on few things which we don’t intend  to. Let’s learn about few effective ways of saving money while in college and manage your expenses  without acting poor. 

1. Keep a Spare Change Bar: 

We all have a habit of not caring about the coins we get. Coins count too. Trust me After few months of collecting coins you’ll be amazed with the amount which got collected. This change will definitely help you when you need the most. 


ways to save money in college

2. Don’t spend much on Skin  care

Skin care products are very essential for a healthy skin but at the same time they burn a whole in the pocket too. Try going natural, you’ll have effective skin care routine at a very minimal cost. You don’t have to entirely shift to natural products but try replacing few like Scrubs for which you use your coffee powder , tomato instead of detan pack. 

3.Note down All expenses ( Budget):

 Make sure yo note down all the expenses and expected future expenses. This will help you controlling your spends and spend only when necessary. 

4. Split the expenses with your friends. 

Don’t feel shy to ask.You don’t have to lock yourself up in your dorm to save money. It’s college and it’s fun hanging out with friends. I’m sure many of them in college also come with a tight budget.Hangout t inexpensive places and make sure you split the bills.

5.  Don’t take Meal Plans: unless you are planning to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dinning hall , don’t take them. It’s a complete waste of money. A lot of colleges force the freshmen to pay for the meals whole year . Opt out once you are moving out of your dorm. You will be capable to making your own meals then. 

6. Avoid eating out daily: I’m sure eating out is fun, but not often. It’s not good for your health and for your pocket too. 



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