5 ways to treat Hypothyroid
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5 Ways to Treat Hypothyroid Naturally

Are you suffering from under active thyroid gland (Hypothyroid) ?Do you want to to  treat  without using any medication? Today I will List 5 ways to treat Hypothyroid naturally. Does anyone remember how you felt on the day  you knew that you have thyroid ? I was completely shattered.  After some research , I got to know that there are two types of thyroid problems- an under active thyroid called Hypothyroidism and overactive thyroid called Hyperthyroid.  Many people generally suffer from Hypothyroidism.

Hormonal imbalance often leads to  excess weight, low immunity, depression, low self esteem and many more  symptoms.  The regular treatment includes taking tablets ( thyroxin) on daily  basis and from what I’ve seen, there was no betterment in people using these medications. I was determined to treat my problem naturally. I started looking out for organic treatments i.e Homeopathy or Ayurveda but I was’n’t assured by anyone and was doubtful.

On my visit to the Diagnostic center the technician there  gave me few suggestion on how to treat thyroid naturally.   If I didn’t find any results , I can go ahead with doctors choice.

 Ways to treat Hypothyroid Naturally :

  1. Regular Exercises: He advised me to do more of cardio. . A minimum of 1 hr work out daily- 5 times a week.  Exercise to the main key to treat thyroid . Yoga is probably the best form of exercise for  treating thyroid.  Few poses are specifically concentrate on  your thyroid gland  and help to lead a better life . 
  2. Low Carb diet: I completely gave up carbohydrates  during this time span and only had gluten free rotis for both lunch and dinner.Try to remain as gluten free as possible. Diet plays a very important role in your thyroid functioning and there are food which are best and worst for thyroid.
  3. Say no to junk: I had to give up on outside food completely . I was living in a hostel during that time  and  you can imagine how difficult that can be. But Health comes first right!!!. If you’re living in a hostel try making dishes which are simple, healthy and easy to make . If by any chance yo have to eat outside, prefer low oil dishes. I mostly used to buy a 10Rs tetra pack and have Muesli for breakfast or Idly if I’m consuming outside. Lunch and dinner usually consists of roti or one pot flavored brown rice.
  4. Zero Sugar:  Avoid all the products with sugar in it. Say a big no to refined sugar, sweets, soft drinks, ice creams etc. Hormonal imbalance sometimes may lead to Diabetes so it’s important to cut down on sugar. You can intake alternatives like jaggery or brown sugar but in a limited quantity.
  5. No alcohol, No smoking: Distance yourselves from alcohol or smoking as they will reduce the chances of treating your thyroid conditions.

Results timeee!!

I strictly followed all the above steps for a month and checked my thyroid. BANG!!!!.  There was no overactive thyroid gland . Now I lead a very regular healthy life without any hormonal issues.  But during this journey I  realized that every small health issues we face doesn’t need a doctor  or medication to treat it. Your body will fall back into its place curing itself. All you need to do is to give it some time and make changes to your lifestyle a bit  letting your body know that you care about it.

So, for people who are in the initial stages of  hypothyroid, and aren’t on medications  don’t start taking medicines immediately. These medicines act like drugs on your thyroid gland. There will never be a hormonal balance once you start taking it . Natural remedies  helps in fixing the root problem of Thyroid gland. As the main reason behind Hypothyroid is  unhealthy lifestyle, fixing it will totally treat it..

NOTE:  This advice is only for people who are in the initial stages of  Hypothyroid  (Just 1 or 2 points above the suggested range ) and haven’t started any treatments. If you’ve started already, please consult your doctor and make necessary changes .


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