5 DIY Hand Scrubs For Soft hands

Taking care of hands should be an essential part of your skin care regime . Hand and wrinkled hands are a give away of old age . So, if not maintained properly your hands might giveaway more than your age. It’s essential to exfoliate your hands on regular basis to remove the dry dead skin on it and flaunt youthful hands without any hesitation. 

Instead of spending on expensive hand scrubs, let know about easy diy homemade hand scrubs which will give you equal or better results. 

1. Rose Cranberry Hand Scrub

I have been in love with this extravagant hand scrub ever since I used it . It felt like bit of work when I fotst saw the recipe but when I tried it out on hands, I fell in love with the way felt afterwards.  It’s especially great for cold winters. You can also gift anyone on Christmas eve as it also looks great. 

This is my highly recommended hand scrub and would suggest you to make this at home. 

Check out the recipe here

diy hand scrubs for soft hands

2. Peppermint Sugar Hand Scrub

This Sugar Scrub is great if your hands are feeling dry and in need of some TLC due to weather changes 

pepper mint sugar scrub

3. Coconut Coffee Hand Scrub

Coffee is great for skin . It helps  exfoliation, removing tan, brightens your skin, prevents ageing etc. A combination of coconut oil and coffee smoothens your skin over a period of time and gives them a youthful look. 

Check out the recipe here

coconut coffee hand scrub

4. Lavender Hand Scrub

This is a very relaxing way to make your hands look and feel good. The scent of lavender gives away a nice scent along with exfoliating your hands . Must try recipe when you are very tired. 

Check out the recipe here

lavender hand scrub

5. Coconut Lime Hand Scrub

I call this spring time hand scrub. The freshness of Lime refreshes your hands and can be prepared with easyily available kitchen ingredients.

Check out the recipe here

Hand scrubs are great way to nourish your hands and give them a youthful look. After a tiring day. Gently exfoliate them and follow it up with a moisturizer . This way you can flaunt your hands without any hesitation. 

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