5 DIY Foot Scrubs to Get Sandal Ready

Feet are the least taken care body part of our body and we don’t pay much attention to it. Do you know that the look of your feet can create an impression to other people. Few years ago, I had dry, dark, tanned and cracked feet. Being a person always wearing loafers or shoes, I never really bothered about it. A change in my lifestyle made me realize the importance of keeping your feet clean, polished and soft.  I keep trying many foot scrubs and DIY’s at home to keep it that way. 

Today ?I’m sharing few of the best DIY foot scrubs which I personally tried , tested & loved to the core. These foot scrubs ensure your feet are baby soft, removes Tan and give them a fresh look. 

1. Rose Sugar Scrub

I absolutely loved this Rose Scrub. It just need 3 ingredients, Rose Petals, Sugar, Baby Oil or Coconut Oil and you are done. You don’t even have o buy roses for this., whenever anyone gifts you with a bouquet or flower, instead of leaving them to dry out, just prepare this foot scrub and refrigerate it.

Check out for the recipe here

diy foots crub to get sandal ready

2. Chamomile Foot Scrub

This is my go to foot soak when I’m tired and want to relax. All I want is a lukewarm water tub and an essential oil for the extra smell to soothen my mood. I soak my feet for approximately 20 minutes and my mood instantely lightens up and also works great on my feet. 

Check out the recipe here.

foot scrub

3. Pedi Foot Scrub

This pedi foot scrub recipe with coconut oil will leave your feet feeling like you just had a professional spa pedicure! Made with all natural ingredients. Follow it up with shea butter and coconut oil for softer, smoother feet. 

Check out for the recipe here

pedi foot scrub
diy foot scrubs for baby soft feet

4. Activated Charcoal Matcha Sugar Foot Scrub

Activated charcoal cleanse, exfoliate and detoxify the skin without any impuritiesies! This is my personal favorite as we all know the goodness of Matcha and charcoal. You can skip sugar and also apply it as a face mask. 

diy foot scrub

5. Peppermint Mocha Foot Scrub

Next time you want to rapamper yourself with a foot scrub made with your kitchen ingredients then go with this DIY foot scrub. You can also gift this to your friends in small Mason Jars. 

Check out the entire process here

diy foot scrub


I prefer adding a capsule of Vitamin E to my foot scrub or follow it with a vitamin E infused foot cream. Vitamin E heals your cracks faster and also softens your skin giving a baby soft texture. Vitamin E has great benefits of skin and hair so try incorporating it to get more benefits. 

Do, let me know if you tried these foot scrubs. 


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