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13 Keto Dinners You can Make in 30 Minutes or Less

Everyone I meet these days is on a weight loss journey. Keto diet has become so famous that people are constantly searching keto recipes. Being a working women, I understand how difficult it is to cook healthy in short span of time. So, I decided to create of 15 best keto recipes which I loved making in less than 30 minutes. 


1) Keto Pepper Steak

Steaks are my all time favorite. From the day I decided to go on diet, I used to get upset that I’ll not be able to eat steak anymore. But one day i found this amazing recipe of keto pepper steak and I was absolutely delighted.  It has been my go to dish from then. 

You can find the recipe here


keto recipies
Thats Low Carb

2) Cheesy Smoked Sausage Skillet

If you are planning for a good dinner on the weekends which flavorful cheesy yet healthy then this is the dish for you. This Sausage skillet is comfort food filled with flavor and even better news is –it just takes 30 minutes to make. 

You can take a look at the recipe here

keto dinner recipes
Source: A Family Feast

3) Asparagus Stuffed Chicken Parmesan

This dish looks super fancy and complicated but trust me ..its not!. This is a kind of dish which makes sure the plate is wiped clean. You might need little knife handling skills but you once you know how ti take the chicken .. you got it. 

You can find the recipe here

keto dinner recipes
Source: My Food Story

4) Keto MexicanTaco Skillet

This Chessy keto taco skillet is packet with flavors of onions, jalapenos, peppers, cilantro, grass fed ground beef and cheese. Its extremely flavorsome and filling. 

Check out the recipe here

keto dinner recipes
source: castironkit

5) Keto Mongolian Beef

This dish kind of comes from Asia more specifically China.  If you are planning toi add a little twist to your meals . Then go for it. All you have to do it master the sauce which is pretty simple. 

Check out the recipe here

keto dinner recipes
source: Keto Vale

6) Low Carb Keto Breaded Shrimp

This recipe looks like is filled with calories, fried in oil etc but it isnt. The secret is pork rinds.. which is a low calorie substitute. The fries are sprayed with oil and baked in oven. A great side dish for dinners. 

You can check out the recipe here


keto dinner recipes
source: healthyrecipesblog

7) One Pan Roasted Chicken with Carrots

Looking for not so heavy dinner recipe which is very easy to make. Then go for his roasted chicken with carrots. It’s so easy to make and delicious that you’ll lick your fingers. 

Check out the recipe here

source: Pure Wow

8)Blackened Salmon with Avocado Salsa

Salom seasoned with cajun sauce and blended with spices. This recipe could not get easier. All you have to do is pan fry the seasoned salmon. 

Check out for the recipe here

keto dinner recipes
source: Closet Cooking

9) Vegan Sesame Tofu and Eggplant

Vegans sometimes fall out of options when it comes to food. No restaurent offers variety off dishes which you get in Non Veg. Also Preparing a vegan meal is kinda difficult. That’s when I found the egg plant tofu recipe. For all you Vegans out there, definitely try out this dish. 

Check out the recipe here

keto dinner recipes
Source: Ruled Me

10) 30-Minute Mustard-Glazed Oven Baked Chicken Thighs

You just need 4 ingredients and 30 minutes to make this flavorsome dish. It shoulld definetely be a part of your weekday dinner plan. 

You can check out the recipe here

Source: unsophisticook


I loved this idea of Zoodles. An excellent alternative for dinner meals. Its a comfort food which can be made in just 19 minutes. 

You can check out the recipe here

keto dinner recipes
source:Healthy Laura

12) 20-Minute Low-Carb Turkey and Peppers

This Low carb Stir fry is filled with herbs, spices and natural sweetness which brings a lot of favors. Make it ultra lean turkey and bell peppers and you know what.. everyone can enjoy this meal!.

Check out the recipe here.  

keto dinner recipes
source: healthyseasonalrecipes


This Japanese dish is made of cauliflower instead of rice and trust me it tastes amazing. You generally find this dish in Ramen restaurants which isn’t quiet healthy. 

Check out the recipe here

Happy Keto

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