10 Things Every College Girl Needs For Less Than $20

10 Things Every College Girl Needs Below $20

1. Tea Tree Oil

I know you might think it’s weird or unnecessary to carry an essential oil with you. But trust me it’s worth it. Tea Tree oil has a  solution for everything from acne break outs & Dandruff to mosquito bites and cuts. Carrying  a small bottle in your back pack doesn’t do any harm. This oil holds solution to all your beauty and personal hygiene problems. Do you know that this oil is personal favorite of Meghan Markle.( buy here

2. Laptop Case

A laptop is a must for every college student. Keeping it Safe is the number 1 priority . Ever since my mom gifted me a MacBook Pro, I’m just freaking out more than being happy. So, I bought a Laptop Case from Amazon so that my laptop doesn’t get affected by my clumsiness. Also, Stick some stickers on it, to make it look cool. Personally I like the plain ones. You can buy one here

3. Portable Charger

It’s important to have a fully charged cell phone around. But we all know that it’s kind of impossible. Late night outs with friends, exams or frequent usage causes the battery to drain. So, it’s good to carry a portable charger with you. Oh , you should’nt forget charging the portable charger 😛 ( buy one here)

4. Card Holders

We might not have to carry a huge bag  everytime we step out. For random get away’s, you just need to carry few essential items like Id’s , credit cards and some change.Always carry a card holder which can hold few important items.( buy here). But my personal favorite is Smart Phone card holder. All I have to do is take my cell phone with me when I go out. No extra Baggage :)( buy here) . 

5. Bra Case

I personally prefer carrying a Bra case for few Bras which are expensive and all deal with care types. We all have favorite Lingerie which we love and keep carefully. Not all Bras can be stuffed inside the closet. Though it’s generally used while travelling, trust me you’ll need it.       ( buy here)  . 


6. Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

This isn’t necessity, it’s just fun. I love listening to music all time. Playing music out loud when alone in your room or when planning to party around with girl friends in your dorm , this speaker has really helped me. It also works has a bedside table lamp. Cool isn’t 🙂 I remember having many dorm room parties with my besties every Sunday night . (buy here). 

10 things to pack under $20

7.Hanging Dry Racks

This is a must bought item. Washing clothes and drying them are basic necessities and we can’t deny it. You can hang your lingerie, socks, spaghetti’s on it. This actually let’s you be more organised and clean . Drying clothes on benches and chairs doesn’t really help much. ( buy here)

8. Stationary

It’s always good to stock few stationary items like Color Pens, Pencils, sticky notes. etc. They come in very handy while doing projects, while making notes during exams or for leaving any message . 

9. Ziplock Pouches

These are the most underrated items. We all tend to carry a lot of junk to eat . It’s fun to snack sitting with friends and gossiping or munch something at times. You can pack your half eaten snacks in zip locks other than storing in containers which occupy a lot of space. 

10. Tumbler & Bowl

You can fill this up for coffee or water to stay hydrated whole day bt keeping it near you. Also, bowl comes in handy if you are planning to grab some snacks or instant noodles in your dorm. 

This post doesn’t contain and Affiliate links. All these products are which I wished to pack when in my freshmen year. Few basic necessities in budget to lead a comfortable life. 


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